1st Due Fit Seminars and workshops are a real eye opening experience. 1st Due Fit offers single and multiple day seminars. We can cover many different topics from overall general health and basic fitness issues within the fire service, all the way to in depth nutritional planing for each member of your organization. 1st Due Fit's teaching is backed on the mind set of our core values. At 1st Due fit we are here to help the fire service and family members of the service live the healthiest life possible while still being able to enjoy life to the fullest.  1st Due Fit is here to help make the fire service healthier and as physically fit as possible. Every member in attendance at our seminars will receive 1 on 1 advice and will leave with tools geared for them to implement for a healthy lifestyle. 1st Due Fit can design and assist in a  program for your departments needs and wants. 1st Due Fit can consult with your department on the cost effective ways of putting a program in place, just contact us and we can get things in motion.

Seminars and Workshops

"Highest Expectation Are Minimum Requirements"