"Highest Expectation Are Minimum Requirements"


Elite Concepts will take your personal information and come up with a basic list of foods that you should be consuming to meet your personal goals. In the incipient package this is a starter package for someone that may just need a little guidance to learn the proper foods and timing of them to help obtain the goals they have set. In this package you will be emailed your outline food list and will be added to the newsletter which includes nutritional and fitness tips. You have access to the Elite Coaching staff for questions by email.


Elite Concepts will take your personal information and come up with a more in depth list of foods that you should be consuming to meet your personal goals. The growth package is the middle package we offer. Its more detailed as far as meal types, portion sizes and timing of each meal. How much of each food group you should be taking in and how many times of day you should be eating. You will have contact with Elite Coaching once a week over the phone to get updates and go over anything you may need or questions you have. You will also have to send your weight and updated pictures in once a week for our staff to help make the needed changes for the clients 

personal goals.

"Fully Developed"

This package covers everything in the other two packages. This package is 1 on 1 with you the client and coach. Your meal plan will be fully customized for you and your goals. This package will also include a custom physical fitness plan based on your goals. This plan includes contact with a Elite coach by phone, text, and email on a daily basis. You will have to check-in twice a week with updates on the progress so the coaches can adjust things with your programing as needed off of the feedback we receive from the athlete. This is the all-inclusive "Elite 1 on 1 Programing".

Nutrition is the main key to living a healthy fit lifestyle. It doesn't matter how many hours you spend working out or doing physical activity. If you are not eating the proper foods that the body needs for optimal functions to be as healthy as possible you are wasting your time doing whatever it is that you are actively doing. Not everyone is the same, so why do you think that the latest fad crash "diet" is going to work for you? What happens when the "diet" gets old and boring? You go back to the old lifestyle and ways of eating that you did before your short lived "diet". If you are ready to make a Lifestyle Change for the better and not have to worry about going back to the "old ways", get with Elite Coaching Concepts and we can get as in depth from meal planing to basic coaching help to get you going in the right direction. What do you have to lose? A few unwanted pounds? Or maybe you want to gain some lean muscle mass? Proper nutrition is the key behind both aspects of the weight and progress chain.

Strength training can be a very broad scope. 1st Due Fit is here to help guide you with the proper workouts to obtain the best physically fit state possible within in the scope of proper techniques and proper nutrition to help obtain these goals. Our programing is geared toward building strength and stamina to make it through the 1st Alarm or as as many that are needed to be called to bring the situation under control. 1st Due Fit is here to help you reach your goals no matter what they are. If you want to be a competitive all-star athlete to just getting into better shape we are here to help you gain strength and bring your cardiovascular conditioning to the level of "no excuse".

1 st Due Fit's Programming is scaled for all levels and can move up and down to adapt to any members fitness level.

Nutritional Coaching Packages

Strength and Conditioning Coaching