1st Due Fit is proud to announce and promote E.H.R. E.H.R was founded by Michael Medeiros. Michael Medeiros is also a fellow firefighter that formed SC FIT Team. 1st Due Fit is looking forward to working with E.H.R to provide educated programs for all types of emergency agencies. For more info click the link and or click on the contact us page.

"Making Simple Changes" : Nutrition in the Fire Service

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1st Due Fit Founder J.Brahm was asked to share his story in the nutrition and fitness chapter of this awesome must have book.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Making Simple Changes – Wellness in the Fire Service
Presented at Music City Center

Nashville, Tennesse

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Written by Lori Mercer, a firefighter wife and founder of 24-7 COMMITMENT, with encouragement from her husband Dan, this book goes beyond general self-help, relationship, or household tips and goes straight to the heart of the firefighter family.

In this book, you’ll find:

Real-life stories from firefighter families, that only someone like you can relate to.
Time-tested, realistic advice on everything from managing family schedules to what to do at home after a difficult call.
Discussion questions to open up communication with your first family or your firefighter family.
Support during the times when your marriage feels challenged by the fire life, and the encouragement and straightforward guidance you need to keep your connection strong.
Carefully-chosen resources to help your whole family thrive.

Are You Prepared ?

Topic: Health and Wellness

Jason Brahm, Founder, 1st Due Fit

More than 70 percent of domestic firefighters are overweight or obese. This program will give members the tools they need to make healthy dietary changes. Attendees will also learn about the myths of dieting, what when and how much we should be consuming, and what types of foods we need to achieve personal goals.

"Highest Expectation Are Minimum Requirements"

1st Due Fit was formed to help educate firefighters on the ways to reduce line of duty deaths from cardiovascular issues resulting in heart attacks/overexertion. This is been the largest killer among firefighter with an average of fifty plus deaths a year that could be prevented. 1st Due Fit is about helping it's fellow brothers and sisters make the changes to reduce these numbers but most importantly become healthy and fit to do this great career. 1st Due Fit offers online personal training,nutritional coaching, strength training, and program seminars. Fitness and Health of each and every member of the fire service needs to be made a priority within every department in the country.

1st Due Fit is Making the Change

for a Healthy & Fit Fire Service

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